Leather Care


Like any natural product leather requires a degree of maintenance. Please be aware that different types of leather may require specialty products, this page is for the cleaning and care of Vegetable tan leather goods.

In the case of leather goods maintenance includes cleaning and conditioning and for some items the addition of polish.

Leather is not a product that handles excessive amounts of water well, for small items leather wipes may prove sufficient for cleaning purposes to prevent the over saturation of the leather.

For larger or more heavily soiled items specialty leather soaps are available. Please refer to the video that will be posted at the bottom of this page for specific leather cleaning and conditioning instructions.


After cleaning it is extremely important to recondition your leather goods. Leather Conditioners and polishes provide a degree of water proofing to leather. They also keep it nourished, soft and supple.

If an item is in constant use, for example a bracelet worn daily, it should be conditioned every few weeks and cleaned as necessary. For items such as hand bags, conditioning every 6 months to yearly should be sufficient depending on climate and storage. If a leather item gets very wet, it should be reconditioned as soon as it dries to prevent cracking and shrinkage.

Leather Bracelet , one year of wear with no conditioning

Leather conditioners are widely available at a wide range of price points, they come in oil and semi solid cream forms. Leather conditioners can change the colour of your leather. Doing a test patch is recommended.

Two types of leather conditioner used at Morrigan Wynter:

Leather goods can shrink when wet, they will also shrink if left out in the sun. If put away wet leather goods tend to become mildewed.

How to clean most vegetable tan leather goods