There are several types of leather tanning and each tannery has a slightly different process.

The two main types of tanning are Vegetable tanning (veg tan) and Chromium tanning (chrome tan). Morrigan Wynter goods are primarily veg tan leather. Our hides are mainly cow sides, but we use goat and kangaroo as well as chromium tanned sheep hides.

Animal hides are usually stripped off of as much fat and tissue as possible before being given a lime bath to burn off the hair. They are further stripped of dirt and tissues through tumbling and manual processes.

Hides are usually treated with salt and acid before moving further into the tanning process.

In Chromium tanning, chrome minerals are used to replace the water in the hides remaining collagen. This process can be done in a day and creates a very soft supple leather. It is the most commonly used and cheapest kind of tanning.

Vegetable tanning uses the Tannin from organic matter to replace the water in the hide. This process can take weeks, even months to complete. It produces a stronger, slightly thicker and less pliable leather. Veg tan leather is more diverse in its applications then chrome tanned leather.

After tanning both kinds of leather can be dyed and or packed with oils / wax depending on the purpose of the hide.

Vegetable Tanned Cow side and Kangaroo Tails .

Chromium Tanned Goat and Sheep hide Vest.